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Visial Inspection
Visial Inspection is to confirm the part number, date code, package, country of origin, quantity, inner packaging, silk print, etc. In order to prevent scratches, stains, damage, underfilling, spillage, missing pins, broken pins, pin spacing, pin width, pin bending, pin span, pin length difference, pin standing height, pin coplanarity, etc
Function Test
This test is based on the original factory specifications and industry standards or specifications, designs feasibility test vectors or special test circuits, applies corresponding signal source input to the test samples, and analyzes specific conditions such as adjustment and control of peripheral circuits, signal amplification, or conversion matching.
Solderability Testing
Solderability testing is to determine the solderability of device package terminations that are intended to be joined to another surface. The procedure, considered to be destructive, tests whether the packaging materials and processes used during manufacturing operations produce a component that can be successfully soldered.
Programming Test
Through the official datasheet, design test projects, develop testing boards, build test platforms, write test programs, then test various functions of the IC. Through professional and accurate chip function test, it is possible to identify whether the IC function is up to standard.

X-Ray Test
X-Ray Inspection can be an effective, non-destructive inspection tool. This form of interactive analysis provides internal viewing of an assembly’s design, internal components, workmanship and potential latent quality issues. It mainly checks the lead frame of the chip, wafer size, gold wire bonding diagram, ESD damage and holes.
Chemistry Analysis
High Definition Appearance testing including Silk screen, coding, High Definition detect solder balls, which can detect whether Oxidized and original parts.High Definition detect solder balls, which can detect whether Oxidized and original parts.

Incoming Inspection
Incoming Inspection
Incoming Inspection
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